Photo courtesy of Vinny Berdar.

I have had a love for nature and the outdoors since my childhood. In these pages I hope to share this wonderful world through my photographs. Whether it be a swan and her chicks or a fox and her cubs my camera captures the world as my eyes see it.

I believe in delivering my images with little post processing. I want the viewer to see the creature in its natural environment as I saw it and not an environment that has been manufactured in software.



In 2002 I attended an excellent 3 day seminar at Killington VT run by Shutterbug Magazine. Our instructor Ken Sklute opened my eyes to lighting and proper image framing in the camera. In March of 2003 I traveled to Ft. Myers, Florida for a 5 day IPT with the Master of Bird Photography, Arthur Morris. Artie is a great teacher, with the ability to teach you his techniques on exposure and the way to create flawless bird photographs.

2005 brought me back to Florida to spend 3 more days with Artie Morris to further expand my technique and knowledge. In June of 2006 I traveled to upper Michigan for a 3 day photo excursion with Chas Glatzer.

In October of 2007 I spent two spectacular weeks with
Joe and Mary-Ann McDonald in Kenya, Africa.

Please enjoy my site and always remember it is our responsibility to preserve the outdoors for future generations so please capture its essence and beauty in your mind or on film but leave only your tracks.

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Nature and Sports Photography
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