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May 26, 2010

Yellowstone and more!

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In a few hours I will be heading out to Salt lake City to begin a 12 day photo trip that will include Yellowston, Grand Teton, Cody Wyoming, Prior Mountian, Rock Springs and many other sites along the way. Stop back for daily updates.

January 19, 2010

The Owl Woods

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I’m off with a few photographer friends to a little island in lake Ontario called Amherst Island. Situated off the coast of Bath, Ontario this island is a magnate for wintering owls.

I am hoping to photograph Saw-Whet, Barred, Boreal, and long-eared owls. Weather is looking good so I will report in as the trip goes with pictures and comments.

December 11, 2009

Africa calls…

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I was raised in a family that hunted and fished so one of my dreams back in the early 60’s was to take a safari to the land of the Big 5 and fill my home with trophies from that trip.

Well times change, most African countries banned or tightly controlled hunting, I got married to a city girl, had 2 wonderful children and because my family was not interested in eating game I drifted away from hunting. I still had a trigger finger but that was moved from the trigger of a gun to the shutter of a camera.

The day Vince Berdar told me he had signed up to take a 15 day safari to Africa with Joe and Mary Anne McDonald I told him that’s not for me, too many things to see and photograph here, why go all the way to Africa. Well a little over a year later I remember sitting in his computer room looking at the images he had taken.  I was awe struck to say the least at the beauty of the animals, the people and the scenery that he had witnessed and photographed. I was bitten by the bug and within 2 years I would be there myself.

It would take a volume to cover the feelings, the sights, that I would want to tell you about that trip but that is a task for another entry. That’s the subject for another entry possibly a retro entry to the blog in the future. For now the bug has bitten me again and it’s time to plan.

This year I am publishing a 2010 calendar and while finishing it I was looking at a few of the African pictures I had included in it. Well next thing you know I’m on Joe McDonald’s site ready his Kenya trip reports from the last 2 years. The more I read the more I wanted to go back. I will never be able to put into words the feelings that you have riding in a Land Rover over the seemingly endless grasslands of the Masai Mara. I had to go back.

The next morning I called a couple of friends and what was a dream started to become reality. I emailed a friend who has been on a dozen safaris to Africa. My questions were many, where to go (Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa), self run safari or with a group like Joe and Mary Ann. I guess the self run safari was out of the question. You really, I mean REALLY need a good safari company and guide to get all the little things on the ground in order for you.











 Well right now it looks like 2011 and South Africa is winning. I was given a very reputable operator in South Africa by a friend and will be investigating his former clients to get more info.  

Stay tuned this saga will continue till the day we return in 2011.

November 17, 2009

Flight School at Talon’s

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Screech OwlI visited my friend Lorrie Schumacher this past weekend at Talons!  A  Bird of Prey Experience in Earlville NY. You say where is Earlville, NY? Well, it is a pleasant 2 1/2 hour ride out Rt 20 (with a sprinkling of assorted country roads) from the Capital District.
I usually visit Lorrie with photographer friends to share in an exciting afternoon photographing Lorrie’s beautiful birds of prey. From her little Red Phase Eastern Screech Owl to Manderian the European Eagle Owl it is an awesome experience. Lorrie works very hard at providing great poses for the birds in natural settings and her flight demos are a HOOT :-)

This time I went to photograph fellow photographer Debbie Roma as she attended Lorrie’s Falconry Academy. Lorrie spent the good part of 5 hours showing Debbie the basics of handling raptors. She started with the smallest, the Eastern Screech Owl and ended with flight lessons with a beautiful 18 month old Harris Hawk and a juvenile Gyrfalcon/Barbary cross.

I watched as Debbie was shown how to handle a bird on the glove, trim an owls beek and talons and taught just where and how to touch the bird. This all led up to some great flying with an 18 month old harris hawk. I was amazed at the repore that developed between handler and bird.

Debbie With Harris Hawk


Debbie With Eagle Owl                              







Where else can one be hands on with owls, hawks, and falcons in the northeast?  Nowhere that I know of. This and see the greatest African Crow in the world. This little girl acts like a raven one min, a nuthatch the next and when you think she is done she is off to bury some little treasure of food in a hollow log or under leaves for later consumption.

Manderian the European Eagle Owl was a star in the History Channel program “Life after People”.

The day was a great experience and I would recomend it to anyone who wants to spend a few hours on a Hawk walk to the full Falconry Academy. Lorrie’s web site is

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