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December 11, 2009

Africa calls…

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I was raised in a family that hunted and fished so one of my dreams back in the early 60’s was to take a safari to the land of the Big 5 and fill my home with trophies from that trip.

Well times change, most African countries banned or tightly controlled hunting, I got married to a city girl, had 2 wonderful children and because my family was not interested in eating game I drifted away from hunting. I still had a trigger finger but that was moved from the trigger of a gun to the shutter of a camera.

The day Vince Berdar told me he had signed up to take a 15 day safari to Africa with Joe and Mary Anne McDonald I told him that’s not for me, too many things to see and photograph here, why go all the way to Africa. Well a little over a year later I remember sitting in his computer room looking at the images he had taken.  I was awe struck to say the least at the beauty of the animals, the people and the scenery that he had witnessed and photographed. I was bitten by the bug and within 2 years I would be there myself.

It would take a volume to cover the feelings, the sights, that I would want to tell you about that trip but that is a task for another entry. That’s the subject for another entry possibly a retro entry to the blog in the future. For now the bug has bitten me again and it’s time to plan.

This year I am publishing a 2010 calendar and while finishing it I was looking at a few of the African pictures I had included in it. Well next thing you know I’m on Joe McDonald’s site ready his Kenya trip reports from the last 2 years. The more I read the more I wanted to go back. I will never be able to put into words the feelings that you have riding in a Land Rover over the seemingly endless grasslands of the Masai Mara. I had to go back.

The next morning I called a couple of friends and what was a dream started to become reality. I emailed a friend who has been on a dozen safaris to Africa. My questions were many, where to go (Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa), self run safari or with a group like Joe and Mary Ann. I guess the self run safari was out of the question. You really, I mean REALLY need a good safari company and guide to get all the little things on the ground in order for you.











 Well right now it looks like 2011 and South Africa is winning. I was given a very reputable operator in South Africa by a friend and will be investigating his former clients to get more info.  

Stay tuned this saga will continue till the day we return in 2011.

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