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January 23, 2010

Amherst Island and Presqu’ile

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The plan for the day was to have Cal and Dave scout the owl woods in the morning sifting through all the info from the many weekend birders. At the same tome Vinny, Kevin, Jim and myself took the 6AM ferry off the island and went 90 KM west to Presqu’ile Provential Park. We arrived at the park at daybreak. It was a beautiful sunrise witha  cold breeze off Lake Ontario. When we arrived on Lighthouse road I started to check trhe edges of the tree line while Vinny went deeper into the woournedds to look for Bard Owls. About 10 minutes after we started I found a beautiful Red Tail hawk in a tree in front of the wooded area. Just as I started to photograph the hawk, Vinny retured with a Barred Owl sighting. We continued to photograph tp photograph the hawk and the returned to the wooded area along with 2 Ontario photographers and found the Owl Viny had see. He was perched about 8 feet off the ground on a bare limb of an evergreen tree in beautiful morning light.

Barred Owl


















Red tailed hawk


















After photographing the hawk for a second time we found a second Barred owl and photographed it. We returned to Bath to see the ferry pulling away so we had a one hour wait for the next crossing. After lunch at the Lodge we returned to Owl Woods to photograph a Boreal Owl (first one ever for me), and a second Saw-Whet Owl.

Vinny and I then left to search the western end of the island. After finding a female snowy owl in a far off field we asked a farmer for permission to drive back to the field an try and photograph it. We did get within 40 yards of the bird before it left and flew to the end of the island where they roost. It was a super day. Lets see what tomorrow brings.


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