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Day 1:

I arrived in Hollywood Florida and proceeded to get my car and head north to Wakodahatchee Wetlands for an afternoon walk around the boardwalk. I must say this was the most people I had ever have seen at Wakodahatchee Wetlands. The birds were in decent numbers to make things interesting. One of the rookery islands had been taken over by Wood Storks except for the very top that had a Anhinga nest on it. Seems the last few years the islands are being slowly taken over by the storks pushing out the egrets and herons. 

On the sad side I learned that Green Cay was closed for renovations and Vierra Wetlands was closed to resurface the roads on the berms. Although this was a bummer I had long realized that they were sadly in need of repair.

Day 2

I left before sunrise for the 90 minute ride to Joe Overstreet Rd on Lake Kissimmee. I arrived just after sunrise to the normal chorus line of Eastern Meadowlarks that seemed to be perched on every fence post. The trip up was worth every minute. There was a continuous lineup of bird species from Bald Eagles, Snail Kites, Swallow-tail flycatchers, Gallinule, Warblers, to Herons and Egrets. After a solid morning on the road I headed back to Delray Beach and spent the afternoon again at Wakodahatchee.

Here are a few images from Wakodahatchee and Joe Overstreet.

Day 3

I spent the morning walking in Loxahatchee National Wildlife photographing wild flowers and an occasional alligator, it was beautiful but very quiet wildlife wise. In the afternoon I moved to Deerfield Beach for the next 3 days at a macro workshop, but thats my next blog entry.

As always keep your camera with you, never know what you will see.




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