A large rattlesnake (up to 1,295 mm or 51" in total length excluding rattle) with extremely variable coloration. Specimens from the majority if its range in Arizona are rusty tan or dull pinkish-brown. Northwestern Arizona specimens are often pink or peach. Some specimens from the east-central part of its range in Arizona are off-white, pale gray, or pale blue-gray. Some specimens from the far southwestern part of its range in Arizona are off-white, cream, and tan. Its coloration and markings often match the rocks on which the animal lives. Markings consist of speckling and blotches that are somewhat scattered anteriorly and become more unified and band-like near the tail. The tip of the tail is usually marked with dark gray or black rings. The pupils are vertically elliptical and the dorsal scales are keeled. The neck is slender and the head is broad and triangular. On the end of the tail is a rattle composed of a series of loosely interlocking keratinous sections. A new section is added each time the snake sheds its skin.
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